Oilheat Benefits

It has the warmth of coming home, the comfort of a smile, and the ease of a favorite chair … as well as the precision of a marching band, the reliability of an old friend, and the earthiness of an orchard before harvest.

What could be so safe, abundant, domestic and efficient? The answer is Oilheat!

Just take a look at all the great benefits when you heat your home with Oilheat:

  • When you are looking for more warmth and lower bills, especially through the coldest winter nights … the answer is Oilheat. A gallon of heating oil produces 138,500 Btus – that's a lot of warmth! And when you upgrade your heating system you can save up to 40 percent!  What will you do with your 40 percent?
  • When you want a clean fuel that's good for the environment, one that will heat your home comfortably while producing minimal greenhouse gas emissions ... the answer is Oilheat. In fact, the Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO) that is delivered to every home in New York State virtually eliminates the Sulfur Dioxide emitted from the use of home heating fuel.

 Bioheat® Fuel


  • Bioheat® fuel is Oilheat blended with biodiesel oil made from renewable resources like soybean and other vegetable oils, algae, animal fats and recycled cooking oil. The Ultra-Low Sulfur #2 Heating Oil you use is the cleanest heating oil available and can be made even cleaner when blended with renewable biodiesel, according to NYC Clean Heat. Many heating oil dealers in your region may already be offering Bioheat® fuel.
  • The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) has already determined that Bioheat® fuel blends of up to 5 percent (B5) can be used in all Oilheat systems with no modifications needed whatsoever.
  • New York State offers tax credits up to $0.20 per gallon for anyone using Bioheat with blends between 6 percent and 20 percent renewable biodiesel.


 Oilheat's Future

Oilheat's future is clean and green … and here!

  • Today's Oilheat is cleaner than ever, and today's Oilheat equipment is more efficient than ever. Some systems now boast efficiency ratings of 95 percent - so you get more warmth with less fuel than ever before. With ongoing research and development, heating oil is only going to get even cleaner and more efficient.
  • Advanced heat exchanger designs transfer more heat in your boiler or furnace, making the system more efficient and lowering your heating bills.
  • Some of the boilers with the highest efficiencies use condensing technology to capture heat that might otherwise be lost in exhaust gases.
  • Smart controls modulate the heat output for your equipment according to the outdoor temperature.
  • Remote monitors communicate with your heating oil company to alert them of system problems, low fuel levels, low home temperatures, and more.



Retirement gave us more free time, but it also meant we had to be careful with every dollar. When our old heating system started to act up, we weren't sure we could afford a new one. Our Oilheat dealer showed us a few options, and how much money we could save every month with a more efficient system. He also got us Upgrade & Save Rebates, which made paying for it even easier. Now we're saving about 40 percent, and brushing up on old interests.

What will you do with your 40 percent?


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Who knew there was so much to think about when you bought a house? Did you know there are hundreds of different shades of white paint? One decision was easy, though. We knew we wanted a heating system that would produce as few greenhouse gases as possible. When we heard that our new house used Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, it made us feel a lot better. And when we upgraded to a higher-efficiency boiler, we started saving almost 40 percent! That paid for new carpeting.

What will you do with your 40 percent?


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We want the Earth's resources to last for generations. That's why we use Renewable Bioheat® fuel, blended with Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil! Bioheat® fuel is produced in the U.S. and uses renewable resources. We also got a new, more efficient heating system that saves us about 40 percent. So now we're helping the environment, minimizing our carbon footprint, and paying less for our heating every month! And that's the best gift we can give for her future.  

What will you do with your 40 percent?


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The kids are all out of the house, so it's our turn to discover all the beautiful places New York offers … and rediscover ourselves. Then our old oil burner started breaking down – and always just as we were about to go someplace wonderful. So we spoke to our heating oil dealer, installed a new, high-efficiency system, and even got money back from the Upgrade & Save Rebate program. Now we're saving about 40 percent, the new equipment never breaks down, and we're finding more and more backdrops for our selfies.

What will you do with your 40 percent?


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 Find a Dealer

There are hundreds of home heating oil dealers across New York State who can help you upgrade your heating equipment, qualify for rebates and tax incentives, and lower your energy bills. Every one of them delivers clean, Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil right to your home.

Many Oilheat dealers also offer value-added programs and services, such as:

  • Heating equipment tune-ups
  • Emergency service and system repairs
  • Automatic delivery
  • Service agreements
  • Price protection plans
  • Home energy assessments
  • Weatherization and insulation services
  • Other home comfort programs, such as air conditioning, indoor air quality, plumbing and electrical services. 

 Upgrade & Save

Upgrade & Save Rebates can earn you up to $1,250 toward new, higher-efficiency heating oil equipment and aboveground oil storage tanks.

Upgrade your heating equipment, and save up to 40 percent. In addition to lower monthly bills as you use less heating oil, we are making it easier for you invest in your future with higher efficiency equipment, with Upgrade & Save rebates of up to $1,250! These rebates are sent directly to you, to make it possible to enjoy long-term savings and peace of mind.