Is Your Heating System Winter Ready?

Before you even have a chance to finish off those Thanksgiving leftovers, another holiday shows up to distract you from important household tasks – like getting your home ready for the temperatures to drop even lower. You want your house to be warm, no matter how frightful the weather outside may get. We’ve got some tips to help! 

  • Schedule your heating system tune-up. This allows your local Oilheat dealer to keep your system in top condition and can possibly reduce oil consumption by 5 percent.
  • Clean or replace your furnace’s air filter at least once a month to ensure efficiency. Dirty filters lead to poor airflow, which can result in more service calls and possible malfunctions.
  • Caulking and weather-stripping around doors, windows, attic hatches and other openings through which air might escape can keep your warm air in and the cold drafts out.
  • Ask your Oilheat dealer how high-efficiency heating equipment can lower your monthly bills.

Don’t take on winter alone – your local Oilheat dealer is always on call to help you boost your heating equipment’s efficiency or upgrade your old heating system to a new modern system. Not only can replacing old equipment boost efficiency, but you can earn money through the Upgrade & Save – New York Rebate program. Ask your Oilheat dealer for more information.

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