New York Oilheat Dealers Help You Manage Your Costs

You may know that your Oilheat dealer can help you save money in the short- and long-term through Upgrade & Save Rebates and by installing energy-efficient equipment, but did you know they can also help you manage your monthly energy costs? Budget, Capped and Fixed Price Plans are some of the more common programs available.

Budget Plans

Heating demand isn’t consistent year-round – 80% of your heating oil is used in only 3-4 months. That would mean you could get billed for two or more deliveries in a single month. That is, unless you have a budget plan. Your Oilheat dealer can estimate your usage and divide into even monthly payments. You’ll pay the same amount every month, and avoid hefty bills around the holidays. Make the most of your budget plan with a Capped or Fixed Price Program.

Capped Price Plans

Capped Price Plans set a “cap” price, or a price you won’t exceed no matter what happens to market rates. If daily prices are below the cap price, you’ll pay the lower price.

Fixed Price Plans

Fixed Price Plans are ideal for people who want to know exactly what their Oilheat will cost. The price will never go up or down and, as a result, you’ll stay protected from increases in market rates.

Ask your Oilheat dealer about these and other payment plans they may offer. If you don’t have a dealer, find one here

*Not all dealers offer all programs. Please call your Oilheat dealer to discuss their payment options.

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