Know When to Make a Change!

No one really likes change, especially if you don’t see a reason to accept the changes. What if we were to tell you that accepting change when it comes to your heating equipment could potentially help you save money on heating costs? It’s true, your heating system works, but does it work well enough for the amount of money you spend on running it? Luckily, there are signs that may go unnoticed by homeowners that could indicate that there’s room for your heating equipment to “grow” and enhance your home comfort even further!

  • Are some rooms in your home too hot? This is a sign of insufficient insulation or poor air sealing. If your home isn’t properly sealed and insulated, you’ll never reach the preferred level of comfort – no matter how efficient your equipment is. What’s more, your equipment will work harder and that will cost you more money.
  • Are you experiencing problems with humidity or excessive dust? The ductwork of your heating system is always out of sight and out of mind. If your ductwork isn’t properly sealed, dust and dry air can be finding its way into your system and circulate through your home.
  • Are you calling more frequently for repairs, or paying higher bills? If your heating equipment is 10 years or older, its age could be showing through the cost of energy bills and how often you need to have it fixed. If your bills are increasing while you rely on the same amount of heat you always have, that’s a sign of an efficiency problem, likely caused by the age of the system.

If any of these signs seem familiar, you should call your local Oilheat dealer and discuss the possible ways you can begin saving money on your home heating costs. Sure, the winter is almost over, but it’ll be back again next year! Your home deserves to stay cozy and your wallet deserves to stay full.

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