The Benefits of Upgrading Your Oil Storage Tank

How do you know if it’s time to replace your old reliable oil storage tank, and why should you? Oil storage tanks are remarkably durable and can last for decades without incident. However, over time they can erode, often from the inside out. 

Signs It May Be Time to Upgrade

If your aboveground or basement oil storage tank is visible or can be inspected, call your local Oilheat dealer and have them take a look. They’ll help you determine if it’s time to upgrade. In addition, you can inspect the tank visually yourself. Just look for signs of: 

  • Rust and wet spots on the surface of the tank
  • Releases around the valves, filter, gauge or piping
  • Dead vegetation in the tank fill area
  • Oil scent in the basement
  • Loose fill cap or vent cap. If you have an underground tank, your Oilheat dealer can test it for tightness 

Benefits of Upgrading

When you upgrade to a new aboveground oil storage tank, you can earn up to $500 in rebates through the Upgrade & Save – Energy Efficiency Rebate Program! But that’s not where the benefits end … modern aboveground oil storage tanks:

  • May have double walls or other containment systems that provide additional protection in the extremely unlikely event of a release
  • Can last for decades because they’re lined with rust- and corrosion-resistant material and are manufactured and tested to the highest standards
  • May be smaller than their older counterparts, opening up floor space, but still holding the same amount of fuel
  • Can withstand severe weather conditions

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